The Author

Joy Chang is 14 years old and lives in California.  She enjoys ice skating, playing the flute, and reading the Bible.

The Comics

In the summer of 2014, Joy read a collection of Charles Schultz’s Peanuts cartoons.  She was inspired and began her own series.  The characters and stories of Rabbithole Comics are based off the Chang family’s current and past pets, as well as some good friends.

Duke was the Chang family’s first pet.  In real life, he was chubby, sweet, docile, and adorably naive.  Duke passed away, but he still lives on in Rabbithole Comics.

“Just me and my food!”

Blue is very feisty and enjoys stealing carrots from poor Douglas.  Although fierce on the outside, Blue can be quite affectionate.  It’s a good thing she doesn’t know about her negative portrayal in the comics, because if she did, she would really protest.

Blue the grumpy

Copper was extremely gentle despite all her medical ailments.  She always carried an innocent expression, but sometimes she proved otherwise.  When Copper was presented medicine, she would put her paws in front her mouth as if praying, “Please, don’t make me eat that pill!  I think I look cute enough that they won’t notice I’m preventing access to my mouth.”


Douglas is currently Blue’s partner in crime.  Although he has a “smart” name and a “smart” appearance, Douglas can be very imprudent.  When he sees a moving car, running towards the front tire is his first reaction.


Crispen the character is based off Crispin the person.  Both have talkative and friendly personalities and enjoy meeting new people.

J.P the squirrel shares the same initial as J.P. the human.  Both are eager, brave, and hero-like.